Food Snacks


Did you know that Too Corny is the brand behind our beloved snack from The Philippines known locally as chichapop? This crunchy and flavorful treat is made from roasted corn kernels, coconut, oil, and a blend of delicious spices. We offer three irresistible flavors: wasabi, barbecue, and sour cream. The barbecue flavor is too smoky and sweet to resist, the sour cream is too tangy and creamy to pass up, and the wasabi is too bold and spicy to forget.

We use high-quality ingredients, including locally sourced corn that supports Filipino farmers. Our traditional recipe has been passed down from generation to generation, ensuring that each bite is packed with the authentic flavors of The Philippines. So don’t be too corny, grab a pack of our corn pops, and taste what all the fuss is too about!


Supporting local corn farmers in Mindanao is a key initiative for RycorTech Corporation, reflecting our commitment to sustainable agriculture and community development. These dedicated farmers work tirelessly to produce high-quality corn, a staple in many households and an essential ingredient in various industries. By partnering with RycorTech Corporation, we provide these farmers with access to modern farming techniques, financial assistance, and fair market prices for their produce. We know it might sound “too corny,” but our investment in local corn farming is serious business—it improves the livelihoods of hardworking individuals and their communities, preserves traditional farming practices, and promotes environmental stewardship. RycorTech Corporation is proud to contribute to a thriving agricultural sector in Mindanao, fostering resilience and prosperity for generations to come.